• Making Protective Garment

    2019年12月2日 by

    The pattern was drawn and cut out with the help of the muslin previously draped, the comparison with the heat sealed garment witch was too small, and some more measurements. A extra long part was added around the collar to protect the neck. When it came to joining the pieces, instead of heat sealing, a… Read more

  • Making Gas Mask

    2019年11月30日 by

    Material used: 2 Liter colored bottle Duck Tape Ziploc container 16 oz Hot Glue gun Adjustable elastic straps Activated carbon Cotton  Drill Exacto knife Review: the gas mask works well with good air impermissibility on the edge, while the good breathability through the filter and the goggle part provides clear vision, a certain amount of… Read more

  • Building Prototype

    2019年11月21日 by

    Drape the basic pattern of the garment: Draping is the art of manipulating fabric directly on the dress form in three dimensions. It involves draping fabric around a dress form and pinning it into the desired shape.It is the most creative way for a designer to turn design ideas into reality. Found a quick tutorial… Read more

  • Unravel the Code WDKA Part 1

    2019年10月28日 by

    Unravel the Code is an annual program that opens creative understandings of emerging technologies through intensive international workshops at Willem de Kooning Academy (Wdka). In 2019, the theme is: Current Issues — Unstable Energy. Unbounded Potential. The participants are from 3 schools: Unravel the Code WDKA, Unravel the Code MICA, The premaster program of Sint… Read more

  • Dutch Design Week Features Part 3

    2019年10月27日 by

    9. New Order of Fashion / Modebelofte: The End is Near As if rudely awakened from a collective lucid daydream, some still a bit groggy, others with eyes wide open and ready to face the reckoning, we all know: if ever there were a time, now’s the time to do better. This is the new… Read more

  • Dutch Design Week Features Part 2

    2019年10月26日 by

    5. Surplus presents : Rethink Processes Rethink processes is exhibiting emerging designers and creatives, by enhancing their meticulous gameplay with industrial process, materials, forms and concepts of use. It is a raw expression of design current state, that exist between in a constant quest to reshuffle the design expression. The industrial quest of perfection in… Read more

  • Dutch Design Week Features Part 1

    2019年10月25日 by

    1. 3D printing on fabric workshop with Labeledby. LABELEDBY. has created a unique portfolio encompassing fabric development, trend research and textile inspiration that explore the boundaries of state of the art fabric innovation. They help companies in the field of fashion, interior, sports, automotive and more to develop towards an innovative future. Their unique 3D… Read more

  • Dutch Design Week Wishlist

    2019年10月16日 by

    Graduation Show 2019 The Design Academy Eindhoven’s 2019 Graduation Show will continue for its second year at the historic Campina Milk Factory, following on from last year’s successful move outside of the Academy. The Design Academy is known for its global relevance and influence into the broadest reaches of the design field. The Graduation Show,… Read more

  • Research On Folding

    2019年10月3日 by

    Teamed up with Walter in our class, who is dedicated to represent people and fight for social justice with his art. We decided to make a protective and collapsable outfit that is easy for people to put on during protests, which means the skill of paper folding will be applied and adapted.  At this stage,… Read more

  • Electronic Workshop

    2019年9月26日 by

    This session is not strange to me at all. Ask me if I do this everyday I said often. But I guess in the project we are working on, there will be a lot for ourselves to learn.

  • Project Idea

    2019年9月25日 by

    I had a great conversation with Annet and David Kandel during break on Wednesday. I told Annet that I am kind of good at origami and Annet was so excited and she told me that I should do a project about fold/origami using Rhino and install some sensors into it, which is exactly what I’ve… Read more

  • Response to Postscript on Societies of Control by Gilles Deleuze

    2019年9月24日 by

    “But what Foucault recognized as well was the transience of this model: it succeeded that of the societies of sovereignty, the goal and functions of which were something quite different (to tax rather than to organize production, to rule on death rather than to administer life)” “The individual never ceases passing from one closed environment… Read more

  • Origami Workshop & Grasshopper

    2019年9月19日 by

    The origami workshop with David Kandel is really informative. I learnt that origami consists of figurative, modular, tessellation and corrugation. I like how he see the creases of unfolded origami work in a biological perspective. They resemble cell division and differentiation a lot. Right now Grasshopper is making more sense to me, so I’ll skip… Read more

  • The Fold Response

    2019年9月18日 by

    The Fold by Gilles Deleuze is a very refreshing piece of reading. According to him, Baroque separates the fold in two levels: the pleats of matter and the fold in the soul. For me, fold is simply origami, a very approachable type of art. But the author talked about some very profound meanings of the… Read more

  • Weaving In-Class Work

    2019年9月15日 by

    To draw a 8×10 rectangle and connect the dots: Rectangular Grid: Create a grid of points using a rectangle Input: Sx Sy-Distance between points of the grid; Extent X Y – number of points; Outputs: Points – Grid Points. PolyLine: Create a polyline connecting a number of points Inputs: Vertices Polyline vertex points (List of… Read more

  • Weaving workshop on weave drafting

    2019年9月12日 by

    The amazing Robin Kang and Annet. The first weave draft was fun! (I tried using white crayon to erase the mistakes but it didn’t work well 😳.) The second draft has a crazy tie-up so I gave up drawing in the tiny little boxes. Here is what I did after class. Still not sure whether… Read more

  • Pattern In-Class Work

    2019年9月11日 by

    WARNING!!! This is a super dry record of in-class work and I tried to figured out something that I didn’t understand in class which is also abstract. It will be extremely painful to read through this whole journal. And let’s give a round applause for the buddy who had been teaching me the entire thing!… Read more

  • Response to On Weaving The Fundamental Constructions

    2019年9月8日 by

    I’m afraid I’m about to say something negative about this article. Though it is not a long one, and has few uncommon words, the paragraphs describing plain, twill and satin weave are extremely hard to follow. The author has successfully explained some very concrete concepts in the most abstract way possible. I don’t know if… Read more

  • Interests and Possible Areas of Research

    2019年9月7日 by

    I am a bachelor of engineering but have decided to study MFA in grad school. People always question me if the 4 years of undergraduate study were wasted and I have such doubt sometimes too. When I saw Unravel the Code I was not only attracted by the content but also I see it as… Read more

  • Response to The Sympathy of Things

    2019年9月3日 by

    “Well, digital machines are different—they thrive on difference. They are something else altogether.” This statement of digital machines is exactly how I feel when I explore generating art in Processing, so I am kind of inspired to write about my recent experiments since I should write it down somewhere anyway. It might seem stupid in… Read more

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